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Fostering positive impacts at the bedside and beyond

At Lion Health System, we strive to play a key role in ensuring fair and accessible specialty hospital care for our communities. Our dedicated team utilizes insights from hospital operators, practitioners, and patients to propel technological advancements and enhance outcomes.


Seeing people thrive

As a leading specialty hospital system, we actively pursue nationwide opportunities to enhance specialty care and promote lifelong patient well-being.

LHS offers a range of services, including the development and management of specialty care settings, such as:

Psychiatric hospitals

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

Intensive wound care centers

Dual Diagnosis Programs

Inpatient Substance Abuse

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Psychiatric urgent care facilities

Eating disorder programs

Shaping the future of specialty hospital care

We believe in always doing what is right for the patient.

With thousands of patient interactions every year, we're constantly learning and sharing the best ways to improve care across our facilities.

We are committed to creating healthier communities.

We take proactive measures to guarantee that specialty care is accessible to everyone, actively playing a role in the positive transformation of our communities.

Looking to:

Discover how your hospital or health system can benefit from a strategic partnership with Lion Health System.


Ensuring that every patient has access to quality specialty care.

We’re a group that is constantly growing our network to expand our reach. See how we deliver impactful results for our patients.


We work closely with doctors and organizations to develop unique health programs that target community needs.


We invest in telemedicine solutions that give patients advanced access to expert consultations and specialized care.


We consult with other healthcare partners to share knowledge and resources, enhancing the quality of our specialty care.


Focused exclusively on specialized care, Lion Health System is committed to excellence across the entire specialty hospital spectrum.

For Patients

Expand access to specialty hospital care.

For Executive Directors

Benefit from extensive expertise in specialty hospital operations.

For Controllers

Achieve cost efficiency through value-based modeling.

For Providers

Explore our advanced clinical workflows and technology solutions designed to allow for more time practicing medicine and enhanced outcomes.

In addition to our clinical expertise,

LHS offers a suite of comprehensive management services encompassing:

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